Arizona governor defends new immigration law

From CNN:

The new immigration law, implemented last month, allows police officers to check the residency status of anyone who is being investigated for a crime or possible legal infraction if there is reasonable suspicion the person is an illegal resident. Critics, including Holder, have said the law will promote racial profiling.

So police officers now can, on suspicion of a crime, and on suspicion that you are not a citizen, request your proof of citizenship.  They should just be made to get a green-card tattoo on the wrist to make them easier to spot, and easier to keep an eye on.

And what, pray tell, is “reasonable suspicion”?  And how does this not lead to racial profiling?

I suppose this is OK if you can prove to me that there are no racist police officers.

But here’s a question: When does repeatedly having to show your green-card to paranoid racist cops become harassment?  What recourse would you have then?

One thought on “Arizona governor defends new immigration law”

  1. In Canada it would be easy. Just ask them their favourite sport.

    If they say “Hockey”, they’re ok.
    If they say “Ice Hockey”, shoot them.
    If they say anything else, look at them with a puzzled expression like you’ve never even heard of that sport.

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