An update from Perth

Still no update on our stuff, supposedly it is in Fremantle, but we've not heard from the movers.

Lisa has started volunteering at the Volunteer Task Force, since she is still not allowed to work. The volunteering is anything from gardening to office work, and she is happy to be out and about again. She does this 3 days a week, and they are very flexible in terms of hours. We reckon that volunteering is a good way for her to network with people, and get used to the Aussie work environment.

Immigration is coming along, nothing new to report there.

We are settling into routine, and one of the things we do is catch the train to Fremantle to do our produce shopping at the markets. This usually involves seeing some street performers, and having a beer somewhere.

Last weekend, we went to an open class at the Fremantle Yoga Centre, where they teach the ayurvedic yoga style. It involves allot of props, and you don't even need to bring a mat. I found it to be quite a different experience to Ashtanga, which I found to be quite a workout. Ayurvedic yoga is a lot slower, and includes about 20 minutes of meditation all up. It was allot harder mentally for me, and I wondered if I would get as much out of it physically compared to ashtanga. However, the next day I was feeling quite stiff in bizarre places, so I think I'll try again and see how it goes.

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