Ahmedinejad's Letter

Very interesting. A little rhetorical, but still it does encapsulate alot of the questions asked by the left from within the USA. In fact, it seems that Ahmedinejad (or his advisors) have been watching alot of TV from the states.

I do wonder a little bit though about the seeming gap in his logic about the “displaced people” of the region that became known as Isreal. He doesn't see any link between the haulocaust and the creation of Isreal, and that the fact that Isreal didn't exist is ground for it to continue not existing. I'm not sure if the haulocaust is justification for the creation of a nation either, but I will say that Isreal was the replacement of one displaced people for another….

I haven't finished reading the letter (I'm at work at the moment) but I will. It is fasinating. It is also dissapointing that the administration dismisses it so readily. Fankly, I'm a little amazed that correspondance between nations doesn't seem to deserve a reply.

These are strange times.

Ahmedinejad's Letter

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