A strange allergic reaction

I think I might have developed a strange allergic reaction to Ella. I'm not sure what it is, but there have some recent occasions where I have experienced a burning sensation in my eyes, sometimes accompanied by some watering or a swelling in my throat.

I've read that babies that babies are born with under-developed brains and nervous systems. It explains colic and other strange behaivours. I've also read that as their brains develop, they will experience new emotions. Like happiness, sadness and anger. The anger explains the tantrums at around the 2-year mark.

I think Ella was witnessing sadness the other day. The crying was different, it was accompanied by wracking sobs that lasted far after the crying had stopped, and real tears with puffy red eyes. Right in the middle of this, I went to pick her up, and she stopped craying and through teary eyes, she grinned up at me.

That's when I had one of those strange allergic reactions.

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