A Simple Transition

Simple, yet significant. Dropped the car off at the dealership, one month shy of the full four year lease. Buyback was a non-issue, the car is in emaculate condition (should be, I had it cleaned to within an inch of its life, and new $700 tires), and only 56000km.

Simply hand over the keys, and walk out.

You know why they put big windows on public transport? So you can see all the loosers inside. Loosers with $700 a month spare cash that is.

Later that day I flew to Istanbul, on the start of a new adventure. One month in Istanbul (not Constantinople, if you look for me in Constantinople, I'll be waiting in Istanbul) then one month in Calgary, move out of the apartment into storage. Pending the “go” from work that is. Once we have that, its a semi-permanent move to Ankara with Lisa for six months.

I'm writing this in a Starbucks in Istanbul (not Constantinople). Unfortunately, not quite a strong enough WiFi signal, so I couldn't post it.

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