7am is too early

There are a few of us at the moment working very hard on a proposal.    I worked all weekend, and I was at the office at 7am this morning, because it is due today.

The security guard wouldn’t let me in.  He said because I don’t have an access card yet, he cant let me in until 8am.  Forgetting the obvious question (“Gee Jake, you’ve been there a few months now, why don’t you have an access card?”), the real question is why can’t you let me in until 8am?  And what am I supposed to do until then?

I was pretty pissed.  But I was also (and still am) quite tired due to all the overtime and so on.   So let me ask you, does it make any sense to you?  If he can let me in at 8am without a card, why cant he let me in at 7am without a card? I guess I’ll have to wait an hour before I do all my stealing.

Anyway, all I did was walk down the car ramp into the carpark, and tailgate someone in through the security barriers down there. Yeah, heaps secure.

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