2005: A Financial Year in Review

So – I downloaded my chequing account into Excel, and tallied it up:

car + gas + insurance + payments $13,485.21
electronics $1,227.03
rent + heat + phone + cable + internet + misc $14,800.74
resteraunts $556.42
liquor $689.24
gifts + holidays + misc $759.62
clothes + CDs + DVDs + books + sundries $1,525.49
cash $24,858.61

This is only the spending tracked through the debit card.

I spent almost $25,000 cash on stuff – this would mostly be food, liquor and overseas expenses (London, Cairo, Mexico).

Somewhat sobering.

In 1 year, I spent $13,865 on rent, thats a nice downpayment …..
In 1 year, I spent $13,485 to keep a car on the road …..

Here's the kicker, I spent a total of over $84k. Thats nuts! I dont make anywhere near that amount! Where did it all come from? Where did it all go?

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