Word trying to raise the dead: Attached templates from servers long gone.

So, after the IT department failed to upgrade Lotus Notes remotely, they came to my desk, and ran Microsoft Update.  Manually.  And installed about 40 updates.  Why hadn’t these been updated already? Don’t ask.

Some of these updates were for Office, and naturally, something went wrong.  All of a sudden, Word started hanging when trying to open documents.  Google found some forums, which lead to this article

Documents that have attached templates take a long time to open in Word 2002 and in Word 2003 …

So the solution is unplug from the network, and run a Macro, cutting and pasting into it every directory in which you may have documents with attached templates on non-existent servers.  Oh fun.

Not to mention that I also dislike VB, especially VBA, and trying to research recursive directory search code requires the internet, which is disconnected because testing the VBA macro will hang.  Nice.

Oh, and by the way, the AutoOpen macro? Yeah, it runs after the templates have been loaded, so no good trying to write a macro that fixes this only when you try to open this document.

Dear Lazyweb: write me an app that searches all my computer for Word files, detects an attached template beginning with “\\” and replaces it with “Normal”.

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