More info on the new hosting service

Further information on the move. I’m keeping EasyDNS, because if I ever choose to move away from GoDaddy then it should very easy. Also, the EasyDNS web admin is so friggin’ awesome, and doesn’t care if what you configure your IP’s to point to.

It didn’t cost anything to transfer, but the GoDaddy service cost me AUD$140 for 12 months, and 7L was costing me AUD$103 a month (!!). ‘Twas a no brainer in the end. I get 150GB space and 1.5 TB bandwidth – should be plenty ;P.

Granted, at 7L I had a fully dedicated computer all to myself. But I was using about 1% of the CPU power, and not much of the disk.

They have pre-packaged apps that install on the click of a button. I’ve already installed wordpress for blogs, and a gallery for pictures. They have a boat-load of these apps ready to go (including phpBB and others… )

Plus I get SSH access, although I’ve not done this yet….

All in all pretty good, although the connection to the management stuff can be slow at times, my actual site seems pretty swift.

Update: Actually, it turns out you get what you pay for. And in this instance, I paid for a poor user interface, and pestering emails offering to upgrade my account. But, the thing hasn’t failed yet.


I’ve been trialling evernote, and it seems pretty nifty, it not perhaps a little insecure.

But it’s better than Outlook notes.  Of course, I’ve known that for a while, which is why I was using Phatnotes which was awesome when I was running a WinCE smartphone.  Now that I’m a crackberry addict, I need something else.  Plus, Phatnotes had no way to sync different databases, or even compare them.

The most slick feature of Evernote is the OCR ability, even for handwriting.  So need to remember that awesome wine at dinner?  Just take a picture, and upload it to your evernote account.  Nifty.

Commented out because… WTF!?

Can anyone tell me why one of our guys commented this out of a 3rd party driver? =)

/* Commented out because… WTF!? – L.D.

if((gcAtlSlots+gcIntlSlots)!= MAX_ATL_NODE)
//Atl+Intl slots = MaxSlots. If user defines wrongly then the error validation is here

#undef gcIntlSlots
#define gcIntlSlots (MAX_ATL_NODE -gcAtlSlots)



This reminds me of when a lecturer at university suggested that comments in code not be too long, as it increases the size of the compiled binary….