Is it just me, or does the Australia Top Gear suck?

Honestly, as much as top gear is about cars, it is as much (or more) about the 3 blokes that muck about all the time. My wife doesn’t watch top gear for the cars, she watches it to see Clarkson tease Hammond about his height and/or teeth, and for James saying “permission to say cock” all the time.

Update: Wonderful. Now you can’t watch any Top Gear UK episodes from the BBC website because I’m in the wrong country. Balls.

Traditional Buddhist blessing and healing chant

Just as the soft rains fill the streams,
pour into the rivers and join together in the oceans,
so may the power of every moment of your goodness
flow forth to awaken and heal all beings,
Those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.

By the power of every moment of your goodness
May your heart’s wishes be soon fulfilled
as completely shining as the bright full moon,
as magically as by a wish-fulfilling gem.

By the power of every moment of your goodness
May all dangers be averted and all disease be gone.
May no obstacle come across your way.
May you enjoy fulfillment and long life.

For all in whose heart dwells respect,
who follow the wisdom and compassion, of the Way,
May your life prosper in the four blessings
of old age, beauty, happiness and strength.

Legalize Pot, or bail out White Collar Criminals?

From Overcompensating:

So Obama laughed at the idea of legalizing pot and taxing the crap out of it. Whatever, man. An economy given a bit of assistance from a thing that makes you kinda weird and mellow (not to mention the medicinal uses) makes a little more sense as an economy based on the “gut feelings” of a few hundred coked-up twentysomethings, that places more value on “speculators” than people who actually do work. But that’s cool, we’ll just keep weed illegal and continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars keeping people in prison who sold some weed and maybe the Mexican drug cartels will just magically cool out if we ignore the problem. Yup.

Too right. The biggest thing I reckon to come from the financial crisis is that it seems that no-one actually knows what’s going on, or how to fix it. Further, when they talk about “investor sentiment” in the press and how it is so fickle, they tend to not include themselves in that group. Perhaps they should.

The Long Johns had a great skit on it.