Second Breakfast

We have started referring to the snack at around 10 or 10:30 as second breakfast.  Not to be confused with elevenses, this is the little meal you have at work with your first coffee.

You can see this happening everywhere, and the term “second breakfast” is very convenient.  At the old building, there was a very good little Cerveceria in the ground floor, where you could get tostado con tomate, aciete y jamon.

Nowadays, this consists of people cramming into little vending machine vestibule and having a sandwich brought from home.  And when one of the two vending machines is broken, it’s best to avoid this time due to the lines.

The case of the stolen Gizmodo iPhone

I only have one question.

How the hell do you forget a brand new, super ultra top secret phone, in  a bar?

Wouldn’t you be like, totally worried about someone either seeing, seeing you use it, grabbing it?

Hell, I have a POS BB, and I dont let it leave my sight. (Not because it is any good, but because getting it replaced would take forever, and I’m pretty lost without it)

The 2o7 cookie.

I started blocking cookies, just for fun, and was amazed how many sites try to give me a cookie!

This article was interesting, but not as interesting as one of the comments from the author:

Plus, if you think the ads are selling products, you’re sadly mistaken. The ads are selling you to the companies that make the products. You are the product. I find that offensive.

He did go on a bit of a rant however, about his electricity bill, which kind of ruined it.  But I like the idea of realising that your anonymity is long-gone, and your browsing habits are a product, and someone if profiting from them.

Maybe someone in the ad industry would like to comment?

Advanced Technology and Magic

While reading Monbiot’s latest, I came across the quote I have always wanted to know the origon of. Being Monbiot, the quote was referenced, so now I know that it was …

Arthur C Clarke who remarked that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

I tend to paraphrase this thus:

Any sufficienty complex software presentation is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.

Robbed by Ryanair Baggage Handlers

December 9, 2009

Ryanair Customer Service Complaints Department
PO Box 11451 Swords, Co Dublin
Fax +353 1 8121676

Reservation Number: XXXX
From: Dusseldorf (Weeze)(NRN)
To: Sevill (SVQ)
Flight: 8622
Depart: Dec 8, 2009 16:55
Arrive: Dec 8, 2009 19:40

Luggage Tag Number: 00006XXXX
Excess Luggage Reference Number: 0000XXX
Excess Luggage Fee: EUR120

Re: Theft of item in Checked Luggage

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to report the theft of a personal item that was inside a piece of checked baggage on a recent flight from Weeze to Seville.

The website does not include an option to report this.

The item in question was a 125mL bottle of Davidoff Cologne, valued at EUR40, and was taken from my shaving kit. It was obvious that the thieves inspected the camera case that was also in the bag, but not finding a camera, took nothing.

Both the camera bag and the shaving kit were left opened. I have attached a photo of the inside of my bag as I found when I opened it after arriving at my hotel.

It is extremely upsetting to have ones bag interfered with, as anything could have been taken or added.  In these days of heightened security concerns, this is a gross violation of personal security.

I demand an apology, replacement of the stolen item, and a reimbursement of my full fare, including the excess baggage charge.  To think that I paid extra for the privilege of having my baggage rifled enrages me to the extreme.  You can be sure that you will never see me on your airline again, and I intend to make this experience known to as many people as I can.

Yours in extreme dissatisfaction,
Jacob Hawkes
December 9, 2009

Ryanair Luggage Theft Markup
This photo was taken after arriving in the hotel, and opening the bag for the first time since the flight.  The black shaving kit is opened, as is the blue camera case.  The cologne was taken from the shaving kit.  Both were left open.