Today in IT-Fail: half of my email went missing for a week

We won a big tender this week, which is very exciting! But then people started congratulating me in the corridor which surprised me because we hadn’t issued a press release or anything. So I asked around, and thereĀ was an email sent to the whole company that I didn’t get.

A little but of sleuthing discovered that the email hadn’t made across the Lotus Notes – Outlook chasm. And lo and behold, neither had any of the email sent directly to the LN email address. For a whole week. Including stuff from customers, my boss and corporate training.


You see, I have three corporate email addresses, and only one of them is directly delivered to Outlook. The other two I have had forwarded by using LN Mail Rules, which mysteriously stopped working sometime this week.

I created the highest possible priority ticket in the helpdesk system, because I’m travelling all next week. No response yet.

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