Things I’ve learnt in the last few days

Since I’m stuck out in the middle of nowehere, doing a hardware upgrade to a system running Sybase 4.9.2 on a bunch of Sparc 20s, I’ve learnt some things:

  • How to break Veritas
  • How to fix Veritas
  • How to break a machine that’s booting from a mirrored root device, being managed by Solaris Volume Manager, so that it’s root filesystem is being mounted read-only, and some how the filesystem type is not known or discoverable (?!? this messed me up for a good long while)
  • How to hack said mirror and fix it
  • How to get a sun box to see network interfaces
  • How to navigate Melbourne freeways and tollways
  • How to configure a 3com switch for 100full etc
  • How to create a RAID 0+1 (striped mirror) volume using Veritas
  • Japanese fighting fishes fight to the death, and some asian schoolboys used to bring them to school, dump them in a bowl and gamble on the outcome
  • Sybase 4.9.2 is a really old bit of software.
  • Sybase does not carry any documentation for the above software
  • You can get sick of Tim Tams and BBQ shapes
  • It takes many many hours to load a 17g database from DDS3 tape on to an E220R server

One thought on “Things I’ve learnt in the last few days”

  1. 1) veritas – make/break
    2) Sun box to see network interfaces
    3) How to take out the line in /etc/system to completely kill your mirror so you don't get a ro filesystem..
    4) Sybase blows – .

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