7am is too early

There are a few of us at the moment working very hard on a proposal.    I worked all weekend, and I was at the office at 7am this morning, because it is due today.

The security guard wouldn’t let me in.  He said because I don’t have an access card yet, he cant let me in until 8am.  Forgetting the obvious question (“Gee Jake, you’ve been there a few months now, why don’t you have an access card?”), the real question is why can’t you let me in until 8am?  And what am I supposed to do until then?

I was pretty pissed.  But I was also (and still am) quite tired due to all the overtime and so on.   So let me ask you, does it make any sense to you?  If he can let me in at 8am without a card, why cant he let me in at 7am without a card? I guess I’ll have to wait an hour before I do all my stealing.

Anyway, all I did was walk down the car ramp into the carpark, and tailgate someone in through the security barriers down there. Yeah, heaps secure.

Firewall irony at work

To demonstrate my point, I tried to go to the following link:
BBC NEWS | The great firewall of China

And was blocked:

The webpage [URL] that you would like to open can not be displayed because it belongs to category Press*. If you need to access the professional content of this category or page, we ask you to submit [an internal permission request] selecting the Press* category.

Otherwise if you believe that this page is not categorized correctly, please let us know using the [IT helpdesk] application.

The other major category I’ve discovered so far is Purchases*, wherein I am encourages to contact the procurement department. Sigh.

* the color is a clue

Business Buzzword Overload

The following text is the first two paragraphs of a document I recently received.

The development of the Centre is a key strategy in the delivery of the Operations vision, which will deliver significant efficiencies over [the investment period]. The Operations Business Plan delivery through [the current investment period] is predicated on a major shift in the culture, approach and business model that has begun to be put in place through 2009/10.

I think I vomited in my mouth a little bit.
If this guy was ever in a meeting, I think I would set new buzzword bingo records. Which is to say that I would exceed my value-based and quality driven pivot-word recognition count, thereby leverage key synergies in my key portfolio areas.

Lotus Notes can’t deal with screen sizes changing

It appears that Lotus Notes doesn’t obey the screen geometry being managed by Windows.
If I unplug the external monitor, and adjust the display settings, all running applications get plonked onto the remaining screen. However, Notes will still pop-up dialog boxes on the non-existent screen.
Worse, when I do have the external monitor connected, because they are different sizes, Notes will pop-up dialog boxes in the non-existent area of the other screen.
Even more randomly, it wont always pop-up dialogs onto the screen in which the application was started, but will swap around at random.
Very, very lame.