Lotus Notes 8.5 Is Using Obselete Timezone codes

As part of this week’s email debacle, I had to manually forward a bunch of meeting requests from my LN account to my Outlook account.

In doing this, I discovered a time-zone abbreviation that not even timeanddate.com, my go-to for time-zone converting, recognised.

Some Google-Fu turned up this page from IBM, which describes these time-zones. The search also turned up this Bugzilla bug report, wherein I learnt:

RFC 2822 clearly says time zone like ZE5B is obsolete

Which should come as no surprise.

Today in IT-Fail: half of my email went missing for a week

We won a big tender this week, which is very exciting! But then people started congratulating me in the corridor which surprised me because we hadn’t issued a press release or anything. So I asked around, and there was an email sent to the whole company that I didn’t get.

A little but of sleuthing discovered that the email hadn’t made across the Lotus Notes – Outlook chasm. And lo and behold, neither had any of the email sent directly to the LN email address. For a whole week. Including stuff from customers, my boss and corporate training.


You see, I have three corporate email addresses, and only one of them is directly delivered to Outlook. The other two I have had forwarded by using LN Mail Rules, which mysteriously stopped working sometime this week.

I created the highest possible priority ticket in the helpdesk system, because I’m travelling all next week. No response yet.

Lotus Notes Search Fail

One of the strengths of Lotus Notes is that it is fundamentally a database, with bullet proof synchronisation.

One of the downfalls of Lotus Notes is that it is fundamentally a database with an aggressive hatred of its users.

Here is a classic example. To create a custom searches, you are presented with this drop-down list of the available fields you can search on.

Lotus Notes - Search by field selector

Look at the size of the scroll handle! There are literally hundreds (thousands?) of fields to select from. Good luck getting the right one.

Lotus Notes can’t edit or extend a meeting reoccurance

You have exactly one chance to get the meeting repeat details right, otherwise you have to delete the meeting and start again.
Or lets say you’re trying to extend a periodic meeting. Sorry. Can’t. IBM suggests you create a second meeting.

Notes is functioning as designed. An enhancement request for this added functionality was submitted to Quality Engineering as SPR #DGAY5NEGS5. There are no current plans to address this request.

I guess it was rejected due to the

Time for a Lotus Notes Whinge

It’s been too long.

Why do they bother putting a search button in the Recent Contacts view? Have you ever tried it? It never finds anything. Like, never.  In the normal Contacts view, it finds stuff according to some weird quantum mechanics algorithm.  In other words, it returns a random selection of contacts that have no relationship to the search term.

And then, to cap it off, Notes went completely unresponsive for 10 minutes, and pegged the disk at 100%.

On the bright side, it gave me the opportunity to complain about it here.

eProductivity: Survey Results are in

I’ve mentioned eProductivity before. Recently, they did a survey of their users, and here are some interesting factoids:

  • 97.3% of respondents feel like they receive a large amount of work-related emails
  • 55.8% use a BlackBerry while 34.8% use an iPhone
  • 90.4% said eProductivity saves them time, and 72.1% of those people said eProductivity saves them 30 minutes or more every day.
  • 87.1% said eProductivity makes it easy to get an empty email inbox
  • 91.2% can access LinkedIn at work, but only 73.5% can access Twitter
  • 90.5% reported being satisfied with Lotus Notes when using eProductivity, but only 31.1% reported being satisfied with Lotus Notes when eProductivity was taken out of the mix

The last fact sums it up: If you must use Notes, you must you eProductivity. It is that simple.