iPod Touch + bluetooth + 3g phone != internet access

Well, that’s sad.  I’ve been considering an iPod Touch, but I just found out that you can’t use it’s bluetooth to connect to the internet via another phone.  Why not? Probably because if you want to do that, you should buy an iPhone.  Which is not an option, since I have to carry a Blackberry for work, and I’m not about to carry 2 phones.

Update: Well, nowadays you’d probably just use the Wifi Hotspot feature of iOS 4+.  This is supposedly coming to the latest Blackberry OS too, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one. 2011-11-13

Update Well, nowadays you’d probably just get an iPhone. 2014-11-24

Separate Work and Personal Messages on your Blackberry

Ever since I got Gmail working on my blackberry, I’ve been unhappy with the fact that my personal email is mixed in with my work email.

There are solutions that require administrative access to the BES (which I don’t have), others which require a purchase (which I haven’t tried yet) and there is talk about how this feature may be coming in future versions.

For now, the answer seems to be saved searches:

Separate Messages with Saved Searches – PinStack.com.

More info on the new hosting service

Further information on the move. I’m keeping EasyDNS, because if I ever choose to move away from GoDaddy then it should very easy. Also, the EasyDNS web admin is so friggin’ awesome, and doesn’t care if what you configure your IP’s to point to.

It didn’t cost anything to transfer, but the GoDaddy service cost me AUD$140 for 12 months, and 7L was costing me AUD$103 a month (!!). ‘Twas a no brainer in the end. I get 150GB space and 1.5 TB bandwidth – should be plenty ;P.

Granted, at 7L I had a fully dedicated computer all to myself. But I was using about 1% of the CPU power, and not much of the disk.

They have pre-packaged apps that install on the click of a button. I’ve already installed wordpress for blogs, and a gallery for pictures. They have a boat-load of these apps ready to go (including phpBB and others… )

Plus I get SSH access, although I’ve not done this yet….

All in all pretty good, although the connection to the management stuff can be slow at times, my actual site seems pretty swift.

Update: Actually, it turns out you get what you pay for. And in this instance, I paid for a poor user interface, and pestering emails offering to upgrade my account. But, the thing hasn’t failed yet.

Report: Criticial Infrastructure Prime Targets For Cyber Criminals In 2009

The year 2008 was a time security threats and malicious activity reached a tipping point, and 2009 stands to be the year critical infrastructure systems become prime targets for cyber criminals and the global financial crisis will be exploited for a variety of malicious activities, according to a new report recently released from VeriSign’s iDefense Security Intelligence Services.


A taskbar applet that follows folder shortcuts….


Shortcuts in Windows XP are kinda broken.

The biggest problem I've found is that when you have a collection of shortcuts to folders, and you want to make that a custom taskbar menu, it doesn't work. You end up openeing an explorer window at the shortcut, instead of a cascading menu opening.

Queue: menuApp

Found via MakeUseOf

Lotus Notes: Would you like to send or send?

Got this dialog box today. I clicked on the “request information” button in a meeting invite, but then decided I didn't want to. the only button available is the “send” button, or the “close” button. I clicked on the “close” button, and got this:

So my choices are to send as is, continue editing or send without comments. Not even sure what “send without comments” means.

Previously, previously, previously.

I fucking hate computers

Srsly. What the fuck.

Installed SP3 on the XP machine at home, and now it wont boot. Sits there at the BIOS screen. A brief search on the interpipes and I discover its not an uncommon thing for people with AMD. But SP3 has been out for months! That's terrible!

And there is a KB article on removing SP3.

At least warn me when I am reviewing the pending change that this might brick your machine.

Luckily I had a Ubuntu laptop from work given to me. Ah but Ubuntu is shite isn't it. Yes, the networking never works after boot up, and when I try to configure the interfaces, the interface configuration tool tells me that the configuration name is invalid. WTF?! Not to mention that this IBM R60 seems incapable of resolutions higher that 1024×768. What is this, the 90's?

There is no wifi monitoring tool, out of the box for Ubuntu. C'mon guys, when I clicky-click on the little network icon in my toolbar, I expect to be able to select from a list of Wifi's, then to enter my details. And I also expect you to fucking remember that I've done that next time I reboot.

I fucking hate computers.

I'm going to go play in the big blue room today.