Nuclear power: Who can you believe?

I’ve been reading George Monbiot’s column for years, and I rely on it for information. He recently publish two articles about nuclear power, in light of the recent disasters in Japan:

  • Atomised: The Fukushima crisis should not spell the end of nuclear power.
  • Going Critical: How the Fukushima disaster taught me to stop worrying and embrace nuclear power.

I’m deeply worried about the the apparant lack of consensus on the subject of sustainable energy production.

I would love to know what he thinks about a recent interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott after the Fukushima Japan nuclear accident.

Apart from the curious relationship she draws between nuclear power and men’s testicles, she does seem to have some alarming scientific facts about the dangers of nuclear power, and how, in her opinion, there is no such thing as a safe nuclear reactor.

How can we make the right choices, and put the correct pressure on our elected politicians, if we can never be sure we are getting the right information?

Who do you trust?