Ella has been accepted at the local Kindergarten

Ella has been accepted at the Kindergarten in our Neighborhood!  This is fantastic news, because it has been a long process.

First, we found out late that we all kindergartens are managed by the State, and as such, require a detailed application form.  This, however, turned out to be easy for us; you could say we are professional form submitters at this point.  In fact, we were complemented on having the form filled in so completely, and on time (most people are late, or submit incomplete forms, and the system is designed such that they get feedback on what is missing, and a chance to correct mistakes.)

The admission is based on points; you get points for various things, such as your marital status, your family status and so on.   Points are also awarded based on where you live, which is good, since that is the only thing we got points for.

Then, all the submissions are collated, and The List is posted.   The List tells you where you are in descending points order on the waiting list.  There are only so many positions in each school.

We missed out by 6 places.

We were very disappointed, but made sure to keep in contact with the Principal of the kindergarten.   She is a very nice lady, known to all the parents in the complex, and she helped us through the entire process.

She informed us that what would happen next is a round of appeal, and then a final version of The List is released.  Then, the accepted children have a week or so to pay the fee, and after that, one more final version of The List is released, as well as another list which tells you where else you may apply to send your child.

The Principle told us to not panic, and that “Things may still go in your favour”.

Well, we found out late last week that they have indeed gone in our favour.  A couple days after we attended the End of Year Concert for the Kindergarten (which was fun, funny and sureal) the Principal called and said that she would create an extra place for us.

So now we can relax until September, which is when school starts.