Thoughts on Box

I was recently asked to comment on Box. Here is what I said:

  • Sync is not being available for our enterprise configuration, due to it not being incremental (which I understand is due for release next year!! Q4-2014) Its here now, and works great, with basic collision detection.
  • There is no easy way to group my collaborations. So I end up with a very long list of folders in the root, a common complaint.
  • There is no tree navigation. I got over this.
  • Preview view is the default for all files even though the preview viewer doesn’t correctly render them. File handling once in the right directory is admittedly not bad. In this regard I only think it lacks a file compare/merge feature, and the ability to insert into a document’s history. Mostly made redundant now that Sync is working. I manage everything on my local PC.
  • Email notifications for me have never worked. Resolved
  • When I want to share something with a colleague by using the “@” prefix, I seem to get a list of the entire company, not my previously chosen collaborators. This is much better now. Your top collabs will also sort to the top, and that depends to be on a per-shared-folder basis, which means, relevant to the subject at hand. I’s still like to be able to do this like how Facebook does it. Start typing “@Fred B” and it presents a list, select the person you mean, and then be able to delete the last name. Make’s it less formal when having conversations in the comments.
  • Apparently to get access to Box from my iPhone I need to install a VPN. What the hell is a web app behind a VPN? Doesn’t that negate the entire purpose of it being web based?
    • This one is still dumb.

Still going to Spain

We are still going to Spain, but it is taking longer than we thought.

The bureaucracy deepens, and we were hit with further paperwork requirements while we were in Calgary. Unfortunately, these are going to take a ridiculously long time to fulfill.

The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have only one office that can authenticate a document. This is the act of stamping a document with an official seal that says that the notarisation of the document is legit. If you take the document to them in person, they can do it while you wait, otherwise you mail it to them and it will take 5 weeks, plus postage time.

Oh, but it doesn’t cost anything. Except if you are in a hurry, then it will cost you a flight and a hotel room.