Kept awake by the ass-clowns upstairs.

It is currently 12:30 am Friday 21st of November, and the there is a party in progress. The noise levels are to the point that neither of us can sleep. There are loud voices on the balcony, loud music, piano playing and what appears to be a thunderous elephant heard dancing above our heads.

After having gone upstairs and spoken to the occupant the music has been turned down, but there is no change the demeanor of the guests. In fact, the noise grew louder on the balcony until there seemed to be actual screaming.
Update: 1:10 am and the noise continues. Music on again.
Update: 1:18 am, two girls left nosily, party upstairs continues
Update: 1:30 am, piano starts.
Update: 1:45 am, noisy people getting into cars downstairs. Potty-mouth loud girl insists on getting into boot of car. Intrigued, I actually went out and watched this happen. This has reduced the number of people considerably, and has brought the noise level down to a point where I might be able to get some sleep now.

Damn, I’m getting old. Not only am I complaining about the crazy kids upstairs, but I’m blogging about it.

Perth update

Work is pretty weird at the moment. There is something to be said about being dropped into the middle of a complex political situation. Can’t say much more publicly yet =)

What I can say, is that the 20 year old SCADA system was moved, almost without a single hitch. The only thing that happaned was very amusing.

The system is built completely with Sun gear. Ultra 2’s and Ultra 10’s. Pretty solid stuff. Being Sun in the 90’s, it was all very beautiful, and none of it was rack mountable. No matter, we had shelves in the rack in which to put them on. No biggie.

So it’s Monday, the go day, and we have shut down the redundant spare server, packed it up in a box, driven it accross town, unpacked it in the new server room, picked it up and tried to put it in the rack. Its too wide. By about half a centimeter.

Oh shit. Now what!

Quickly, we put it on the ground, loosen the bolts, bend the rack rails a fraction, and tighten the bolts again. The server fits, barely. We all slap each other on the backs and congratulate ourselved for our quick thinking.

Two hours later, we are repeating the move, this time, with the other server (same size) and the main disk array (which we assumed, and appeared to be, the same size).  Same deal with the server, but this time we were prepared. Ho! No big deal you say. Correct sir, until we lift the two hundred pound disk array. This mother is too wide by several centimeters.

Oh shit. Now we’re screwed.

Quickly, we clear off a table behind the rack and place it carefully so that the fiber-optic SAN cables reach the server, and power it up. We go live on this configuration, scratching our heads, saying “That looks ratshit!”. [I have had previous experience which such things…]

Quick thinking, and the boys have unbolted the entire front of the rack, and have removed one of the supporting posts, leaving all the shelves hanging or supported with zip-ties. The disk array is shut down, and placed in the resulting hole, and the rack reassembled. What I would give to see the look on the first guy’s face who comes to service it.

In other news, we have a place! And as of about 8 hours ago, we have a bed! First new “real” bed I’ve ever owned.

Gotta jet over to Melbourne on Monday for a week, and we take posession of the unit on Saturday.

In other other news, a major jurdle was jumped yesterday: Lisa found a hair stylist. So rest easy friends, we can stay for now.