DIY router upgrade (aka IT department workaround)

Lifehacker – Hack Attack: Turn your $60 router into a $600 router – DIY.

Funny, I had this draft post hanging around for a while, and then I came across this exact router configuration at work.  Turns out it was easier, faster and cheaper to buy 2 routers, flash the new firmware, and set up a point-to-point wireless connection into the staging area than it was to rely on the company’s IT department to do it.

They wanted to charge thousands of euros for a similar solution.  Thousands.   Seriously, the staging area is in the next room.

The IT department is actually outsourced to another company owned by the same parent company.  They offer shit service at a high price, and using them is mandatory.  I can’t say their name, but I say that it rhymes with this:

Must be time to clean out the registry….

The LinuxHater has very good points, a lot of the the time, and about a lot of things. I was actually starting to get used to the idea of not running a Linux desktop.
After the big computer rebuild, the machine was running better, but still had some slow areas.
I realised it had accumulated a lot of cruft! Lots of badly un-installed software that you thought you had uninstalled, there were a tonne of services starting up that just no longer required at all!
Well, that’s no real difference to something LinuxHater accused Linux of having to do: namely, get stuck in and maintain your distribution.

I actuality, I wonder if the LinuxHater really runs windows at all, something I’ve always assumed, and I bet I wasn’t alone in doing so.

Update: Turns out he does, a Ubuntu desktop

Because honestly, sometime I really hate computers. You know? Why can't they Just Work. This is usually when people tell me to try a Mac. I've thought about it so much, but I never quite get to the point of actually doing anything about it.

Extra…..Extra……..Linux Junkie Sells Soul…..story at 11:00

From: Paul Tildsley
Date: 29/06/2005 11:12 AM
To: Chad Novak, Donald Yee, Donna Lowe, Kassem Elrafih, Lane Schneide, Minaz Sharif
cc: Kevin Farley, INT_ME_A_GROUP
Subject: Extra…..Extra……..Linux Junkie Sells Soul…..story at 11:00

Yes, you guessed it……Mr. Hawkes stepped on the dark side today and promoted Microsoft to Cairo Water during a FINE presentation today…

I guess everyone does have their price…..hmmmm…wait a minute….there was no price…..he did it for glory

Paul Tildsley

Its true. Today I stood up there and said all sorts of wonderfull things about Microsoft.

I feel dirty.