eProductivity: Survey Results are in

I’ve mentioned eProductivity before. Recently, they did a survey of their users, and here are some interesting factoids:

  • 97.3% of respondents feel like they receive a large amount of work-related emails
  • 55.8% use a BlackBerry while 34.8% use an iPhone
  • 90.4% said eProductivity saves them time, and 72.1% of those people said eProductivity saves them 30 minutes or more every day.
  • 87.1% said eProductivity makes it easy to get an empty email inbox
  • 91.2% can access LinkedIn at work, but only 73.5% can access Twitter
  • 90.5% reported being satisfied with Lotus Notes when using eProductivity, but only 31.1% reported being satisfied with Lotus Notes when eProductivity was taken out of the mix

The last fact sums it up: If you must use Notes, you must you eProductivity. It is that simple.