My brain is smarter than me

So I’ve been using a European keyboard for the last 12 months or so, except because I’m stubborn, I’ve not switched to the European keyboard layout in Windows.  Which means the markings on the key tops are all wrong.  Luckily I’m a good enough typist that this isn’t a problem.

Except the ellipses.

On the US keyboard, the left and right ellipse is above the 9 and 0 key, respectively.

On the European keyboard, they are above the 8 and 9 key, respectively.

This causes me pauses everytime I go to use them, and eventually, I have become so confused, that I get it wrong.  Every.  Time.

It’s actually kinda funny how my brain works though, because it has started to slowly get used to the idea that for a left elipse I need to press the key marked with the right ellipse, and for a right ellipse I need to press the key marked with an equals sign (as far as the superscript marking on the key that is.)

This is where it gets interesting though, is when I go to use the blackberry.  That one-key-to-the-right bias carries over, and when I try to type a left and right ellipse on the BB I get a right ellipse and a dash.

Stupid brain =)