Savage Love in Fine Form

I am a 21-year-old single mother. I'm about 5-feet, 6-inches tall
and weigh 103 pounds. I run every day and generally try to take care of
my body by eating right. My problem is that I hate the way I look. I am
actually repulsed by my body. I try to take very brief showers and
avoid the mirror when I can. I'm not a prude. The sight of naughty bits
doesn't repulse me. But my avoidance of all nudity hinders my sexual
encounters. I always want to wear a shirt or have the lights off. This
is a problem with my current boyfriend because he says that if I trust
him enough to sleep with him I should trust him enough to let him see
me naked. He also has told me that we can't continue seeing each other
if he doesn't get to see me naked. I have let him see every part of my
nude body–just not all at once. So he knows I'm not hiding some
monstrous deformity from him. I guess I thought my boyfriend would be
more sensitive to my fear and let me stay covered up. Do I owe him

Wrapped Up

You see your boyfriend's insistence on seeing you naked as evidence of
his insensitivity, WU, but I see it as proof that he cares about you.
Your hang-ups about your body are irrational and they're something you
need to get the fuck over. Hopefully his ultimatum will motivate you to
get your ass to a shrink already. For while you don't “owe him nudity,”
WU, you do owe your boyfriend a partner who isn't a complete nutcase.

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