Re-united with desktop after 6 months

Useful links I’ve used in the last few days to revive the desktop machine after the 6 month hiatis.

  • How to disable Outlook 2003 add-ins. Or indeed, just see them.
  • How to uninstall Trend Micro Virus Checker without admin password. Although in my case, the reg key was a little different, it worked like a charm.
    • Replaced it with AVG
  • Google Desktop Search
    • I installed the Enterprise version on the laptop, and I have it indexing my Lotus Notes databases. This allows me to search my current inbox, and all my archives at once, which is something you cannot do otherwise. You can configure it to index any database you like, so the corporate phone list is next….
  • Tiny DHCP Server[1]. Using this to do internet sharing with the orange USB modem thingy. Since I want to use WiFi to share the internet with, and since I cannot configure what my WiFi access point gives out as a gateway address, and because windows wants to default to use the 192.168.x.x addressing (which I don’t) I had to install my own DHCP server. This one acts as a DNS server too, so I should be able to completely blacklist certain sites (*cough* doubleclick *cough*). Of course, I could just get a proper firewall setup, but frankly, who has the time for that anymore?
  • ViceVersa. One of the best file syncronisation tools I’ve come across. Very configurable. I use a several profiles, each with their own exclusion rules, and tracking databases. After 4 months living out of an external harddrive, the task of re-syncing 400 gig of files is not something for cut-and-paste.

[1] Not freeware.

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