On Site Systems Specialist

Here is a description of my position, given to me to review by the Business Support Manager (i.e. person who manages the human resource pool for project managers):

This position will involve working at a customer location for long term support of real-time technical and business solutions and includes system maintenance, and troubleshooting, problem resolution and follow-up, software development, display creation, and database configuration. While supported by a highly skilled team in Calgary, this position will be fairly autonomous requiring a dynamic individual. This position will analyze client business requirements, provide integrated software or hardware solutions and assist in developing long-term client relationships, including:

  • Building customer relationships in an International Environment, including non-North American cultures
  • Responsible for maintaining system functionality while performing maintenance activities in a critical system environment
  • Analyze reported customer problems to quickly and efficiently define and communicate an appropriate course of action.
  • Estimate and obtain customer buy-in on a course of action.
  • Implement the defined solution and testing requirements
  • Apply in-depth technical knowledge and diagnostic understanding to resolve some highly complex client problems.
  • Capture any key learning and or root cause data for Customer reporting and for the Company’s internal knowledge base
  • Design and implement new application functionality on client systems using new technology solutions and standard designs and methodologies.
  • Carefully manage requirements documents and customer expectations.
  • Documenting technical solutions and test plans for customer future internal benefit.
  • Perform system, database, application, and network capacity planning for clients
  • Integration of Telvent applications to third party and client developed applications
  • Integration of PLC/RTU and telecom equipment to Telvent applications
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction in the execution of assigned duties
  • Providing after-hours support as necessary
  • Extensive International travel will be required
  • Providing assistance and mentor junior staff

Pretty accurate. For my exact position, I'd add:

  • Manage, supervise and coordinate sub-contractors
  • Present the formal face for the company during visits from dignitaries
  • Be able to operate in countries where most of locals outside the workplace do no speak English
  • Be adaptable to customers rapidily changing needs, especially in the area of communications
  • Be able to provide rudimentary training to the customer

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