New parents

I like kids.

But, LET THEM BE KIDS! What?! Your teaching them baby sign language? Fine. Go ahead. But must you demonstrate the ability every fucking time I see you?

I swear, its like that scene in Parenthood where Rick Moranis' kid recites the square root of 2401 by flashing up a fash card that has 49 round orange stickers, and meanwhile, Steve Martin's kid is eating of of the round orange stickers. RIGHT ON! Eat the stickers!

I just finished Freakonomics, and in there they disect a bunch of data from the Chicago school system, and find that obsessive parenting doesn't really help your child's grades. Now of course, it says nothing about the kids attitude and behaviour, but still.

Obsessive parents suck.

Oh, and they seem to not have anything else worth talking about.

Yeah yeah – just wait 'till I have kids.

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