My new friend Mostafa

This is Chad. Is was born a red neck in Saskatchewan.

He loves pork, and cooks with bacon as often as he can.

The charcoal grill with a 10 poung roast in it.

Cooking Bacon over a camp fire
He also drinks. His favourite drink is a gin and Tonic.

This is Chad after a few Gin and Tonics
Sometimes, he even combines pork and drinking

The Chef – holding the magic ingrediant. Wood chips made from old Jim Beam casks. I learnt just recently that The Bourbon industry allows the barrels to be used only once.

Well, he has been in Cairo for about 6 months now, we shared an apartment for a while.

We even got to BBQ while we were in Cairo (minus the bacon)

While he was there, he met a girl named Marwa.

He's a muslim now, and is going to be married on the 18th.

Seems sudden, huh. Well I thought so too. One minute we were chatting on the phone about being stuck in a foreign city alone, then the very next day he tells me he's engaged. He had been telling me the day before that Marwa was probably at home getting the 3rd degree from her family, and I thought it sounded like he felt guilty about it. And it was valentines day.

Took me a couple days to convince myself that I didn't tip him over the edge and cause him to do it.

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