My Illustrious Leader

My Project Manager sent this email to the group from Cairo …..

Sorry for not being reachable last night…. we were embassy hopping and cell phones are not allowed in dee embassy…Canadian or American…

On the very postive side….I met the Canadian ambassador, Philip MacKinnon. He was very interested in our work here and would love to come and tour the Control Centre (maybe a ribbon cutting). He also wanted to know more about the JV and how that was going to work…all very good. Joseph Tadros…the senior commercial officer is going to meet the new Chair of next week and wanted to know what he could do for us… I emphasized the JV and the expansion project….so we will see what happens.

On the negative side….partying with Marines at the American embassy….wait a minute…MARINES…AMERICAN EMBASSY….isn't this the kind of bombing scene you see on TSN..what was I thinking…. and then…. stumble around Garden City drunk, how does it feel…. to be on my own (Chad was still party hardy at 2), with no cell phone, no direction home, a complete unknown…like a rolling stone (and a penniless rolling stone)….I “thought” I knew the way back to the Canadian Embassy where our driver was parked.but all the streets looked far too similar……”good thing” there was those friendly gun-toting guards on every corner who, for some reason were sympathetic to a drunken westerner who just fell out of the American Embassy…30 minutes later…..I almost hugged Saber when I finally saw the Canadian flag and Saber's [our driver -Ed.] car parked beneath…talk about knockin' on heaven's door (dylan song just switched)

boring financial stuff followed….

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