Must be time to clean out the registry….

The LinuxHater has very good points, a lot of the the time, and about a lot of things. I was actually starting to get used to the idea of not running a Linux desktop.
After the big computer rebuild, the machine was running better, but still had some slow areas.
I realised it had accumulated a lot of cruft! Lots of badly un-installed software that you thought you had uninstalled, there were a tonne of services starting up that just no longer required at all!
Well, that’s no real difference to something LinuxHater accused Linux of having to do: namely, get stuck in and maintain your distribution.

I actuality, I wonder if the LinuxHater really runs windows at all, something I’ve always assumed, and I bet I wasn’t alone in doing so.

Update: Turns out he does, a Ubuntu desktop

Because honestly, sometime I really hate computers. You know? Why can't they Just Work. This is usually when people tell me to try a Mac. I've thought about it so much, but I never quite get to the point of actually doing anything about it.

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