More Lotus Notes Gripes

  • When searching emails, you can't sort the returned results, which are presented in a (seemingly) random order.
  • When searching emails, the fastest way to search all emails is to search inside the “All Documents” view, but the results give no indication as to where the email is. So if you are searching “All Documents” because you cant find an email that should have been in a folder, and you find it, you have no idea where it is. Usually, I then select all the emails in the search results, and re-file them to make sure they are where they should be.
  • There is no easy way to modify the default stationary used when sending an email. I can create a new stationary, but to use it, would need to make 2 mouse clicks (new memo -> new memo using stationary) and in most cases, I don't even have that option, instead I just see a “new memo” button.
  • Ctl-backspace works (delete word to the left of cursor) but CTL-delete doesn't (delete word to the right of cursor). This tiny little thing is a huge frustration for me.

Previously. Some one else has a dedicated page here.

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