Lotus Notes: Would you like to send or send?

Got this dialog box today. I clicked on the “request information” button in a meeting invite, but then decided I didn't want to. the only button available is the “send” button, or the “close” button. I clicked on the “close” button, and got this:

So my choices are to send as is, continue editing or send without comments. Not even sure what “send without comments” means.

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One thought on “Lotus Notes: Would you like to send or send?”

  1. I just got this dialog box today. First went to tentatively accept with comments, then decided that I would just accept it as is. Nope. Send, send or send. F*cked up notes.

    When you get this dialog, Notes has already put it in your calendar and removed the meeting invite message. So you can’t do it over even if you could manage to not send it.

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