Linksys Doublespeak

Linksys says: Linksys Means:
Linksys designed the PrintServers to function with both regular as well as bi-directional printers. Standard print
servers cannot work with bi-directional printers, but the PrintServer features a custom design to support both parallel
as well as bi-directional parallel interfaces.
Our Linkys Print Server is far ahead of the industry…..
However, the PrintServer cannot pass messages from the printer back to the printing PC—this limitation is simply an industry standard, and not one of the PrintServer itself. *Shrug* Nothing we can do about it.
However, the PrintServer can check any printer’s online and printing status on the network using the Bi-Admin management utility software packaged with the PrintServer. The status-checking feature built into the management software does not require a bi-directional printer to function. We can tell if you printer is attached and turned on. You dont need a bi-directional printer for this to work. Since our bi-directional printer server doesn't need to use bi-directional functionality to do this. In fact, any parrallel port circa 1900 can do this.
If your printer came with special bi-directional software allowing you to monitor printer status, do not use it with the PrintServer—the software is most likely not networkcapable. Kindly ignore the fact that our print server is installed on your computer as a logical printer port, which means that it should be transparent to any software trying to use it – including your printer management software.
For best results, turn off the printer’s bi-directional function either by (1) removing any bi-directional printing software from your network computers, and/or (2) turning off the printer’s bi-directional print feature inside of the printer’s on-board menus (if it has menus). Your printer’s user guide should be able to provide specific instructions for doing this. In other words, please dont try to use your bi-directional printer functions with our bi-directional printer server. They wont work. Its not our fault.

Linksys Responds:
Thank you once again for contacting Linksys Customer Support.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. As we have stated before, our printserver are made mainly for printing purposes. Other features of a multi-function printers like scanning will not work with it.

I’ll be glad if this helps. Thank you.

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