iTunes has ruined my music collection

So, naturally, I googled that term.

I came across this write up, and the comments that followed.

Ok, so everyone says to just blow away your library, and start again.

Bzzzzzt. No fucking good. Here's why:

1) I depend on the ratings. The only reason I keep with iPod
2) iTunes magically re-organized my files, and then lost them.

More on (2) – I know have a folder “unkown artist/unkown album” with hundreds of files in there, with ID3 tags in them, and therefore, no idea where they belong. iTunes, however, apparently does because the .xlm file still has all the ID3 information in it. Seems that it moved the files around before updating the ID3 tags.

That, my friends, is fucking insane.

iTunes has ruined my music collection. Thanks for nothing. And people wonder why I am still on the fence about Apple.

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