iPod Touch + bluetooth + 3g phone != internet access

Well, that’s sad.  I’ve been considering an iPod Touch, but I just found out that you can’t use it’s bluetooth to connect to the internet via another phone.  Why not? Probably because if you want to do that, you should buy an iPhone.  Which is not an option, since I have to carry a Blackberry for work, and I’m not about to carry 2 phones.

Update: Well, nowadays you’d probably just use the Wifi Hotspot feature of iOS 4+.  This is supposedly coming to the latest Blackberry OS too, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one. 2011-11-13

Update Well, nowadays you’d probably just get an iPhone. 2014-11-24

4 thoughts on “iPod Touch + bluetooth + 3g phone != internet access”

  1. As far as I know the bluetooth on an iPhone is not good for anything but attaching headsets and headphones. I know this because recently a client came to us wanting an application built for iPhone that interfaced with their Bluetooth weigh-bridges. Just had to tell them its not possible at any cost. There is no support for such bluetooth profiles as PAN, Serial and the good stuff. Just remember that iPhones are a consumer device – locked down, regulated and closed – not really good for geeks. If I know you (and it has been a while) you would probably be better off with the Motorola DROID, or if you can bear to get a Windows Phone (you don’t have to tell anyone) I can recommend the HTC HD2 which is simply awesome and outperforms an iPhone in every way, (unusually for Microsoft) being the most open and interoperable platform. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSrjUxbDcqw

  2. Steps to connect I pod touch 4 gen to Internet via bluetooth…
    1). Requirements……
    I pos touch 4 gen.. ,,,,, a normal and simple GPRS Bluetooth enable multimedia phone…… Open the Bluetooth of both the device and pair the devices and when both device get paired choose ur phone bluetooth name in I pod and touch it to connect ….. And u notice in ur phone that ur phone is connected and then open safari browser and browse net on I pod via ur phone Internet…… Any problem contact me on my email id…….

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