I Changed Policy Today

In the meeting the the HR dickbag, we discussed the Company's “Short Term Temporary Assignment” policy. The policy, dated September 2003 stated:

The following applies to employees who will be on a temporary assignment for a minimum of 6 weeks up to eighteen months, with the intent that the employee will be returning to their home base and maintaining their resident status. This only applies to employees of the Company, and for the purposes of these assignments, will not cover the costs for spouses or family dependants.

I had been preparing to go to Cuba for the last two and a half months on the premise that it would be handled just like any other extended site trip, and since the policy became official in September 2003 I could probably list a dozen instances where the company had paid for the spouses of employees to travel for less than 18 months (myself included). I appealed to the dickbag's sense of family by saying, “c'mon man, I know you're a family guy; you can't tell me that if you were going somewhere for a year and a half, you wouldn't expect the company to send your wife and your new baby with you”. To which he replied:

“If it was important to me, I'd pay for them to come with me, or I wouldn't take the position”

What are you supposed to say to that? My reply was going to be: “fine, then I don't accept the position” but didn't get a chance because the Regional Business Manager stepped in and said that they should be able to work something out. The dickbag said that he would prefer it to be official.

I pretty much ended the discussion with this:

Well, I find the policy unreasonable, and I don't accept it.

Three hours later, I'm informed that I will get everything I asked for, and further, that dickbag will change the policy to match what I asked for.

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