Hottest Boxing Day on Record

Perth is in the middle of a bit of a heat-wave. Check out the Bureau's Animated Chart or make your own!.

Lisa and I started off Christmas Day with a walk to the beach at 7am for a swim. At that point, it was already 21C, and by the time we walked back, we had worked up a sweat. Then, we headed to our “orphan” party, which was attended by those without family in Perth. We sat outside all day, I cooked a Turkey in the Weber, which turned out pretty good by all accounts. At one point, Haggis informed us that we had reached 40.7C. For some sadistic reason, we remained outside all day, and only ventured into the air conditioning to prepare food… I was quite proud of Lisa who managed all day. She said she did so by making no sudden moves.

But that was just the start of it. Boxing day set a new record as the hottest Boxing day on record, and the hottest December day in 90 years. We hit 44.2C. Lisa and I grew a little desperate, so we went to 2 movies, in order to escape the heat.

We saw The Darjeeling Limited, and P.S. I love You. Darjeeling was pretty weird, but ok, and P.S I Love You is a “chick flick”, which got me huge points, and almost had some fun moments. I dont generally like the term “chick flick” but its like directors are just accepting that their film is going to be classified as one, and have just said “Fuck it, lets go all the way”.

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