Hello From London

I made it to London, and yes, I have slept. Glen picked me up from the airport, and we headed to his place to dropoff the luggage (note to self: to take so much luggage to London as you'll be heaving it around the Tube). Glen and I then trooped into the West End, saw Big Ben, and have lunch. Ah – Coopers Pale Ale, where have you been?

From there, it was back to his place, pick up the luggage, then off to Andrew and Jo's place. A very nice basement apartment with the Ikea touch.

Chinese take out, a few more beers, and I was ready for bed.

So, the final tally was:

   10am Monday
   10am Tuesday
   10am Wednesay
   11pm Wednesay
   60 hours 
   - 1 hour nap Tuesday Morning
   - 1 hour nap Wednesday Morning
   - 2 hours sleep on the flight to London
   56 hours

Woke up today at 3pm feeling fantastic, but a little disorientated 15 hours of sleep that felt like 8 hours will do that I guess. I was wondering why there was no car noise, then I remembered I'm in a basement flat in London. Wow. London.

We're going to go see Henry 1V part 2 tonight. I'm excited!

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