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Monday August 8, 2005
A whirlwind trip home this time: First order of the day was the Telvent stampeded BBQ.

Which as always, ended up in Ranchmans down the street, where they have a mechanical bull. I tried it this year, but fell off far to soon. It had nothing to do with beer.
Next came our annual camp trip to Sparwood for the Thunder in the Valley firewords display. We had a great time, a little rain, but nothing to drastic. We ate all day, and I have a new dish for my camp fire repertoire – Mustard Cheese Bread. I also happened to take a very cool picture of Lisa.

Top Shot!
Then, the Calgary Folk Music Festival was upon us, and we had scored very cool tickets for the entire 4 days for about half of a single day pass. Needless to say we went all 4 days.

The very next weekend, we did it al over again in Canmore, for their folk music festival. This one started Saturday night, went all day Sunday and holiday Monday.
We camped in a nearby campground.

and walked to and from the grounds along one of Canmore’s great paths.

We saw lots of great band at both Festivals, including Harry Manx, Oscar Lopez, (who played together)

Eliza Gylkson, who sang an awesome song “Son of God” wherein she bashed George Bush very eloquently

Eivør Pálsdóttir, J.P. Cormier, Carlos del Junco, Vusi Mahlasela,

Oysterband, (who split up for the workshops). Here, one of their guys is trying to blues on a the Irish Pipes, and did a great job!

The Bills, who had a great double bass player

The did a workshop with the Clumsy Lovers, who had a cute fiddle player

Arrested Development played in Calgary, and they also did some workshops with K’Naan and Buck 65 to great effect.

From left to right: Buck 65, Bass for AD, K'Naan, Speech, Purcussion and Lead for AD

I was supposed to go back to Cairo on the Thursday, but decided that I needed some time to catch my breath. So I have pushed back my departure date to Sep 2 (Tuesday) and then took vacation time. But for change – didn’t go anywhere.

Lisa and took some time to do the last of our unpacking from the move in almost a year ago, and moved some stuff around, put up pictures that kinda thing.

We have been doing the apartments-cluttered-high-step dance, where you are constantly stepping over things for far too long – so we did some long needed spring cleaning and got rid of a lot of stuff we don’t use etc etc.

The Cairo project continues to be a constant battle, but we are making ground on many fronts. Mostly in getting things completed and signed off. But we are still suffering from set backs due to bad installation, bad sub-contractors, very late shipments etc.

This trip will be a 3 week trip, and I will be staying at the new apartment in Zamalek. Zamalek is a very old section of Cairo, and it where most of the embassies are located, and when the British were ruling, the area housed most of the Aristocracy of the day. So there are lots of cool little shops, restaurants, cafes etc.

The apartment has a great balcony, with views of the tree lined streets.

Me leaching someone else's WiFi ADSL from the balcony.

And we even got a BBQ for it

That’s Chad. He was in Egypt for 2½ months, and is out East for a Wedding. He is a mad BBQ-er.

The Chef – holding the magic ingrediant. Wood chips made from old Jim Beam casks. I learnt just recently that The Bourbon industry allows the barrels to be used only once.

With bacon.

I should be back in Calgary Sep 5th, and then we have a wedding on the 10th and after that its anyone’s guess, but back to Cairo for sure.


P.S. Here is my driver buddy Saber. Chad and I went in together and got him some new shades, and he wanted a picture of us together

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