Evernote – Was awesome, now starting to suck

The 3.5 client is so slow and cumbersome compared to their 3.1 client. Also, after waiting patiently for a blackberry device that supports their client, it fails to install due to an unsupported carrier. Srsly. WTF has my carrier got to do with a free web-based app. Oh, and apparently the Evernote BB app is just a redirection into their website, which totally misses the point of having a notes database on your phone, because, well, err, it isn’t on your phone.

One thought on “Evernote – Was awesome, now starting to suck”

  1. It’s not working with flash yet although It’ll run flash when Adobe’s done with it. I mean to say they’re just now rolling out flash for Android. The OS do multitask just like iOS. It saves the actual state of the app furtheremore when you go back to it, it’ll be at the same state.No copy and paste. expectantly Copy and paste was attempted to be compensated with smart linking. I hope there will be adding a real copy and paste functionality .

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