Oh yeah, I went to Equador. It was Fun. I think Quito is the highest capital city in the world, but I'm not sure. Its at 2900 meters, and they have a gondola which goes up to 4100 meters.

The sign says:
Edad Avanzada
Enfermedades de corazon y repiratorias
Ninos menores de 1 ano
Ejerciso en moderado”

Which means:
Old Age
Heart or respitory disease
Kids less than 1 year
Excercise in moderation”

We did feel a little giddy, so we went and sampled all the alcoholic beaverages they had. We had Cacao tea with Equadorin Liqure, and then some boiled wine, and then some more booze which I dont remember the name.

After that, I went to the house of the customer, and celebrated his wife's birthday with her parents and neices and nephews and sisters and borther-in-law. It was a good time.

Oh, and I solved the show-stopping, project-delaying problem with 5 hours of being there on Monday. Hats off to the previous team who couldn't seem to solve it; Thanks for making me look great!

I spend alot of time in hotels. I usually get annoyed with the housecleaning service because they move stuff around, throw stuff away, and generally just touch everything. This time however, they get Kudos because when they moved everything around in my hotel, the retained the vertical orientation of my little hair gel bottle. Nice work tiger!

I saw alot of waste in the customer's office. This is an example of the wanton excesses in office supplies.

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