Cuba: The World Media

“Where did [Andy] Garcia get this preposterous notion of pre-Castro Cuba as a relatively prosperous but politically troubled place?” ask the critics. All the Cubans he portrays seem to come from the middle class. “Where in his movie is the tsunami of stooped and starving peasants that carried Fidel and Che into Havana on its crest?” they ask. “Where’s all those diseased and illiterate laborers and peasants my professors, Dan Rather, CNN and Oliver Stone told me about?” ask the critics.

Garcia has seriously jolted the Mainstream Media’s fantasies and hallucinations of pre-Castro Cuba, Che, Fidel, and Cubans in general. In consequence, the critics are unnerved and disoriented and their annoyance and scorn are spewing forth in review after review.

“In a movie about the Cuban revolution, we almost never see any of the working poor for whom the revolution was supposedly fought,” sniffs Peter Reiner in The Christian Science Monitor. “'The Lost City’ misses historical complexity.”

Actually what’s missing is Mr. Reiner’s historical knowledge.

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