Connect pin 2 and pin 3, cambio….

On the satellite radio to a guy deep in the Mexican jungle, coaching him through making an RS232 loopback connecter so that we may test the satellite communication system that so far refuses to work.

Nice. The whole time, I keep forgetting to say “cambio” instead of “over” after I'm done talking :)

Eventually gave up on that idea, and instead, created a test environment in the corner of the server room, with two of the transeivers back to back, wrestled with the serial settings for about 3 hours, and got them to talk. Then, set up a simulator on my laptop and attempted to get the mainframe system to poll it through my test rig.

3 hours later, and I find that the serial cable here in the server room is not right.

So its 2am and we're trying to figure out what pins go where.

At least at this point we are all in the same room and all speak the same language.

Today, the quest to make some cables that work continues….


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