Cedarglan: The ultimate foot in mouth.

From: Jeff Mottle
To: Nancy Newman
Subject: When is my roof going to be fixed?

Hi Nancy,

This is getting ridiculous, and I'd like for this email to be forwarded to the President of Cedarglen.

This weekend I had water coming in through the roof of the garage and it is getting worse. It's leaking down the wall between the house and garage now when it rains. I called the emergency pager and left a pretty terse message as I'm fed up with the crap service we are getting. Jeff phoned back to leave a message to tell me that they are busy with higher priority water problems and that someone would get back to me on Monday and that I should move my stuff out of the way if I don't want it to get damaged. First off, this is now 3 WEEKS that Cedarglen has known about this leak and STILL nothing has been done about it. Nor did anyone phone me this week! I'm really curious to know how other people's leaks take precedence over mine when you've know about the damn leak for almost a month! It was so nice of Jeff to suggest that I move my stuff too, I would have never thought of that!

This is our 3rd new house and without question the response, attention to build detail and quality of build is by far the worst of any builder we have been with. I assume when I buy a new house there will be deficiencies, that's normal, but a leak in my roof and a basement window that leaked like a sieve is not a deficiency. It's poor workmanship, poor project management, and completely unprofessional and unacceptable. Nevermind the incredibly poor framing. I don't think there is a square corner in this entire house. There are ¼” gaps between the baseboard and wall in some rooms!

It seems every time there is an issue with the house, I get an excuse to the problem and why it's not being fixed on time. Frankly I don't care that there is a shortage of trades etc. I spent $ for this house and I expect things like water leaks to be fixed. Never mind they should not even happen in the first place. As a customer, I don't care what Cedarglen's internal problems are, I want a prompt solution. I paid for a product and it's defective, so it needs to be fixed! You need to figure out how to make that happen.

I was told everyone would be here to fix the roof on Tuesday of this week about 1.5 weeks ago, despite this being 3 weeks too late, but not surprisingly no one showed up. I also have STILL not heard about what is going to be done about all of the other issues in our house relating to paint, electrical wiring problems, refinishing the top cap and a host of other items.

I would like to see firm dates set to the items remaining on my deficiency list as well as a date for when the roof will without delay be fixed. I know your internal policy is 2 weeks for many things, but here we are, almost a month in the house, and many things have not even been resolved.

I look forward to your reply.


From: Nancy Newman
To: jmottle@cgarchitect.com
Cc: Janet Cuvelier; Scott Haggins
Subject: RE: When is my roof going to be fixed?

Scott & Janet,
Jeff Mottle at 234 Royal Oak Green asked me to forward this email to you

Customer took possession on Aug 16/05

Thanks, Nancy

From: Janet Cuvelier
To: Nancy Newman, Jeff Mottle
Cc: Scott Haggins, Paul Salmon
Subject: RE: When is my roof going to be fixed?

Good evening Jeff: I have just read your email and understand your frustration. We at Cedarglen are moving as fast as we possibly can to address these issues in a timely manner. Unfortunately we have had two torrential rain falls this summer which caused 15% of all houses in Calgary to experience different levels of water penetration. We have had customers who have been in their houses for 5,6,7 years and for the first time experienced water penetration. We at Cedarglen are visiting every home to address all water concerns. Our trades have stepped up to the plate and have had the added pressure to help us deal with these past warranty customers. I know you do not want to hear this but we have asked our customers to be patient and we will address the water leaks. We are not the only builder in Calgary that is experiencing this right now. All builders big and small are trying to address their water leaks asap. However, we at Cedarglen have stepped it up a notch and decided to address our past warranty customers also.

Concerning your comment about not receiving a return call, this was not relayed to the Liaison on Monday. Through no fault of Jeff because he was probably exhausted and forgot to put a notation on the emergency pager report that you wanted a follow up call. Our apologies for not returning your call

I have reviewed your outstanding issues from your possession and have the following listed as not completed:

1. Replace the j-trim just to the right of the front entrance door
2. replace/repair drawer on the stove where it was dented
3. remove caulking off the face of the cedar shingle on the front of the house
4. The roof garage leak.

Please advise me if any of the above have been completed and the paperwork was not sent in by the trade.

Janet Cuvelier
Customer Relations Manager

From: Jeff Mottle
To: Janet Cuvelier, Nancy Newman
Cc: Scott Haggins, Paul Salmon
Subject: RE: When is my roof going to be fixed?

Please speak with Nancy Newman as there are many other issues that you have not mentioned. She also has further details about roof damage that was done by the stone masons, that I'm sure has further aggregated this leakage problem. I'm told the main problem is a result of faulty lapping of the building paper/flashing. What is irritating is that you guys knew about this problem well before we moved in and did not react to it before the stone went on the house 3 weeks ago. Now, roof, siding and stone need to be torn off to fix an issue that would have been a 5 min job. Not really my concern as far as cost goes, but every time it leaks a what was otherwise new structure is being compromised. The root of the problem is a lack of professional workmanship and inspection by Cedarglen, now further irritated by the fact you can not react to it. Not impressed.

It seems there is nothing I say that is going to change this, so as far as I'm concerned Cedarglen is responsible for any and all damages that are caused as a result of this leakage, including my personal property.


From: Scott Haggins
To: Jeff Mottle, Janet Cuvelier, Nancy Newman
Cc: Paul Salmon
Subject: RE: When is my roof going to be fixed?

Has Mottle been in the Bottle? Seems like quite a pleasent fellow. Perhaps send him a bottle of vinegar.

Fill me in when you have a minute Janet and we can see what number we can put him on the list. Maybe the bottom.

From: Scott Haggins
To: Jeff Mottle
Subject: RE: When is my roof going to be fixed?

Jeff, sorry for my derogatory remark this morning……. I spent most the better part of yesterday between the doctors office and emergency clinic yesterday and am not feeling much better this morning. Believe me, I am not any more delighted with these leaks than you or any of our other customers who have experienced this issue with the past wet summer we have had.

I will be meeting on you file with Paul first thing this morning and get this issue resolved before winter approaches. We will look after any damages to the home and I due request that if you have any furnishings that could possibly be damaged by this moisture that you take the necessary precautions to move them to a dry location in your home. Thank you for your patience.


Scott Haggins

From: Jeff Mottle
To: Janet Cuvelier, Nancy Newman, Scott Haggins
Subject: RE: When is my roof going to be fixed?

Are you serious! I paid this much for my house and I get a comment like “had mottle been in the bottle” and “send him some vinegar” from the President of the company! I am absolutely appalled and there is no apology that is going to remedy that. That is completely inexcusable. Before that comment I was just upset with the poor workmanship and slow reaction time, but you can be sure I will be printing this out and showing it to anyone and everyone that will listen. I've CCed a number of my friends and family in the industry and people I know who are currently looking for homes, so they can see the type of service that Cedarglen provides. While I no longer work with Steve Jabs, I do work in the Architecture industry and I know a lot of people in this industry.


From: Janet Cuvelier
To: Scott Haggins
Subject: RE: When is my roof going to be fixed?

Remarks like that should definitely secure our position for last place re: Customer Choice Awards. This guy works with Steve Jabs, Michelle's husband.

3 thoughts on “Cedarglan: The ultimate foot in mouth.”

  1. This is unreal, I actually just recieved this in an e-mail and forwarded it to my entire soccer club and every contact I have. (about 500 people) This is great as I am 23 years old and about 50% of the people I just sent this to will be home buyers in the next few years. As well my friends in real estate should find this a pleasant read.

    – TRENT

  2. I just received the email today regarding the Cedarglen Homes and Jeff Mottle incidence. I am glad that it is still circulating today after so long. Scott needs to feel some embarrassment and the company needs to be exposed for its true culture, mission, and values (or lack of).

    I would like to say that Scott must have been sleeping during his business classes. I am half way through obtaining a BA in Business Management and I am quite familiar already with the key rules of customer service.


    Rule 1: Your CUSTOMER is your BEST ASSET!
    Any organization's goal is to earn a profit and to maximize their profit. Without customers, there is no way to make a profit, which is why customers are a company's best asset. SCOTT what were you thinking when you completely badmouthed a very important customer…your greatest asset? Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree are we? Have you been in the bottle??? Nothing like losing thousands of assets (customers) from a childish immature comment you made…and you are still losing them today. I will be purchasing a home or having one built in the next 2 years and I know I will not be seeking the services of Cedarglen Homes to build my house, nor will I ever purchase a house built by Cedarglen Homes…unless a life jacket is thrown into the purchase deal.

    Just because you sit in a comfortable black leather chair, with the large corner office, and the huge window, does not mean that you are powerful enough to argue with a customer and win. As mentioned above, you can lose that customer and it can (and most likely will) lead to the loss of many more customers and potentially leave your company in shambles. THE CUSTOMER WILL ALWAYS WIN and have the LAST LAUGH…Honestly SCOTT, who is laughing now??? Who looks like they have been in the bottle???

    You must have heard this time and time again…geese you do not even have to go to school to learn this one. You have to go to any length to satisfy a customer, even if it is costly in the short-term (resources, material, time etc…) because in the long-term it will be even more costly. Losing a customer does not mean you lost just that single customer, it means that that customer will SPREAD THE WORD on to many other people (potential customers), at least 15…or in this case thousands…OUCH!

    Rule 4: Meet the 7R's…
    Right product, right place, right price, right cost, right time, right quantity, and right condition. The 7R's must be met when it comes to logistics and delivering a good to a customer in order to achieve total customer satisfaction. Scott was lacking on more than one of the 7Rs; the right time in service and complaint response, and the right condition of the product were the most evident mistakes he made.

    Rule 5: Effective complaint management.
    SCOTT, did you even listen to one of your business classes? Who told you that pushing off a customer, not listening to a customer, not handling a complaint in a timely manner, and badmouthing a customer was an effective complaint management process??? I would get my money back from the educational institution you attended, clean the wax out of your ears so you can listen attentively, and STOP DRINKING BOOZE. Nevertheless, I am sure that with an incidence like this your drinking problem has surely gotten worse.

    SCOTT…good luck DELIVERING FLYERS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! Maybe one day you will move up and they will provide you with a wagon to hold your flyers. Maybe when I have completed obtaining my BA is Business Management; I can become the President of Cedarglen Homes and show you how it is done. = )


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