Back in Perth

PI training was good, the PI system is quiteinteresting. VB.NET was … interesting. Pretty impressed with the webaccess interfaces, but still a little disillusioned by the (I think) overuse of runtime polymorphism.

Case in point: the task was to retrieve all the events from a point since midnight, and count the transitions between 2 particular states.

The code was something like

dim myCollection as collection

myCollection = myPoint.values(startTime, endTime)

So now to loop through the “collection” of objects (which can be of any type), you'd first have know what type all the objects are going to be. SO you dive into the code, and it tells you that the objects are going to be of type “object”. Cool.

As it was, you ended up having to check each object's type with the “.type” method, and then if it was of the type you wanted, then cast that object into a local variable of the correct type.

At this point I was internally screaming: “What's wrong with a fucking array!”

Lets just say that people like Jamz will be far ahead of people like me when it comes to programming in the .NET world.

Anyway, back in Perth. Last week we went to see Tripod with Haggis and Leesa. Very fun show. We've missed out on tickets for the Southbound festival which is a shame, but realisticly we are not ready for that kind of event. No car, no camping gear etc.

We are going to try very hard to get to the West Coast Blues and Roots Festival which will be easier to get to.

In other news, Lisa loves her new scooter! Its an brand new Vespa LX50 that we bought from a guy in the paper who won it when he bought car insurance. It was a steal!

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