Back in Melbourne

I'm back in Melbourne for Sybase training. Not sure if I'm going to learn anything, since I've had to recover some seriously borked databases in my past. But what-ev, I'm keen for training.

Lisa and I just finished moving into the new apartment, but because of major technology issues I can't get any picture of the phone. Sigh. Trust me, its a super neat place. Had coffee on the balcony and watched the birdies play.

So, 5 days of training, but on Thursday, we get an early minute. Only so that we can go to meeting at work. A whole-company meeting, then a whole-department meeting. Blech. But then, its followed by a company Christmas party. With no partners though. I still find this strange even after several discussions with my Aussie friends who have said that is fairly common. Huh. Not in canada. Some of the best piss-ups were had at the my previous employer's parties….

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