Back in Melbourne

After a 4am start (blech), getting lost in Melbourne CBD (again), realising that the Outlook had confused me with the timezone “feature” in the calender (again), I went drinking with Gabba and Prawny.

So, today has been about sleeping in, a simpsons marathon on Foxtel, and now, Buffalo v Rangers Stanley Cup Playoff game.

Soon, it will be time for a subway and Aussie Rules!

Oh, and perhaps finishing the GMAS configuration templates I started. Yes, I'm back in up to my neck in AGA-3,6 & 7, supercompressibilities and corrected gas volume calculations. Once I finish these templates, it'll be time to try to unravel the existing gas configuration mess configuration.

One thought on “Back in Melbourne”

  1. Hey jake is william carrillo from pdvsa (ex pdvsa i guess ;) ). I'm currently living in Houston,Tx. My email is:, what's up man? i see you're leaving down under, great, i hope everything is fine down there.. send me an email, i don't know if you also remember pablo perez, he was also part of the scada team in La Salinas, his sister and brother-in-law, are also living in Australia with a inmigrant visa, since last year.
    See ya man..

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