Back from Mexico.

Stayed at Jim Raprano's place in merida.

The bullshitting table. We sat out here, smoking (him Malboroughs, and me romeo y julieta mini cigars), and yakked for hours.

Now that the stem is out, pose for picture, and start eating it.

I went to a football game, and watched a bunch people sweat a hell of lot.

Vincente takes a slide tackle, and provides me my first sport action photo!

During a trip to the market, a plaza was full of pigeons, and little kids were trying to step on them. This little guy almost made it, and this little girl was scared to death and having a blast! Later on though, she was not so sure…. There certainly alot of pigeons though!

This is a traditional food called arracherra. Its just like a donair AKA swarma AKA yiros, depending on your geographic properties. You can get it everywhere, especially up and down the main road, “Paseo Montejo”.

Another great food is Chayapas, which are like tacos, but the tortilla has been lightly fried. This and a pino negro (which has a taste that is legendaryily undescribable)

A balloon salesman waits for a customer.

A stall-keeper plays peek-a-boo from behind his wares.

Every little girl below the age of 9 was dressed like this.

Work was pretty good. Jim and Blanca were great hosts, and I can't thank them enough for their hospitality. Jim will be here later this year, and I hope we can go for a beer and some wings – his favourite.

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