Amiga demos

my favourite memory of the Amiga 500 with Three floppy drives (ehem)     

Spaceballs: 9 fingers

The Asian (Japanese?) characters are flicked up to the screen as part of the memory management routines in order to present a visual experience to fill in the gaps caused by the CPU was busy moving blocks of memory around. It’s fun to watch how some of these sequences are longer than others and how they seem to convey a sense of urgency. 

Consider also there were no such things as video codecs. This was basically all written in straights home code. 

And the soundtrack was written as a mod file, essentially a music script file, which is a dedicated sound chip which could be coded in advance and run in parallel. 

And the whole thing fit on 3 floppy disks, 880 Kilobyte each. I had my (ehem) 3 floppy drives on a daisy chain and was basically rocking it.  

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