Mass set Categories Plugin Works For Me.

I’ve never used Categories before, and so every post was in the “Unfiled” category. I needed a way to bulk edit categories.

Seems that in WP4.0 you can bulk add posts to categories, but you cannot bulk remove categories from posts.

The Mass Set Categories plugin, and a little but of magic code, did the trick.

In case the magic bit of code (which was found in a user review, of all places) is lost, I’ve captured it here.

Open Mass set Categories in WP Admin, and then run following code in Console: jQuery("input[name$=\\[1\\]").attr("checked", false)

This allows you to tick the box for each post listed on the Mass Set Categories output page. In other words, the perfect way to remove a category for every single post all at once.

If you wanted to remove from only a selection of posts, this is not for you.


WPtouch: Mobile Theme for WordPress

Installed this: WPtouch: Mobile Plugin + Theme for WordPress from BraveNewCode.

Tried to test it with but they are not sending the right agent string. This site however is cool – it will create iPhone-y icons.  Heh – iPhoney… someone should register that….

So, tested with Firefox and the about:config trick described here.  Be sure to blank out any other *.useragent.* strings you find in their as well, which definitely voids all warranties.

Anyone with a real iPhone care to tell me how it looks?